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WP Auto Poster – Automate your site to publish, modify, and recycle content automatically.

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WP Auto Poster makes it easy to manage your WordPress site using intelligent content automation, no matter how many thousands of posts you have. Now you can easily schedule your content to publish, recycle, change or be removed according to flexible rules you supply, all working automatically in the background when you’re not even around.

Put your site’s content on auto-pilot, no matter how complicated! You can easily schedule an unlimited number of posts to be automatically modified however you want, even all the posts you add in the future!

This plugin is a real true precious tool for SEO, great for getting search engines to re-crawl thousands of pages.

Yes, it works will all custom post types and custom taxonomies!

Just a few examples:

Automatically publish 4 draft posts per day between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

Automatically recycle old posts and breathe new life into them again.

Automatically publish posts of a category, tag, or custom taxonomy every Monday.

Automatically change tags, categories, or custom taxonomies of posts after 10 days.

Automatically publish posts featuring promotions during certain events or holiday sales.

Automatically remove sticky posts after 30 days.

Automatically publish posts from different authors at different intervals.

Automatically set a published post to pending or even trash depending on search criteria.

Automatically recycle your ‘Halloween’ posts during October.

Combine any of the above and your own ideas – create an unlimited number of Rulesets!

  • wp-auto-poster
    • css
      • wp-auto-poster-rtl.css
      • wp-auto-poster.css
    • fonts
      • Arial.ttf
      • Courier Prime.ttf
      • OpenSans-Regular.ttf
      • Roboto-Regular.ttf
    • images
      • disable.png
      • enable.png
      • export.png
      • help.png
      • list_add.png
      • list_edit.png
      • list_remove.png
      • question.png
      • wap-create.png
      • wap-edit.png
      • wap-saved.png
      • wap.png
    • includes
      • .WpAutoPoster_Plugin.php.swp
      • WpAutoPoster_InstallIndicator.php
      • WpAutoPoster_LifeCycle.php
      • WpAutoPoster_OptionsManager.php
      • WpAutoPoster_Plugin.php
    • js
      • languages
        • wp-auto-poster.pot
      • plugin-updates
        • composer.json
        • languages
          • plugin-update-checker-ca.po
          • plugin-update-checker-cs_CZ.po
          • plugin-update-checker-da_DK.po
          • plugin-update-checker-de_DE.po
          • plugin-update-checker-es_ES.po
          • plugin-update-checker-fa_IR.po
          • plugin-update-checker-fr_CA.po
          • plugin-update-checker-fr_FR.po
          • plugin-update-checker-hu_HU.po
          • plugin-update-checker-it_IT.po
          • plugin-update-checker-ja.po
          • plugin-update-checker-nl_BE.po
          • plugin-update-checker-nl_NL.po
          • plugin-update-checker-pt_BR.po
          • plugin-update-checker-sl_SI.po
          • plugin-update-checker-sv_SE.po
          • plugin-update-checker.pot
        • license.txt
        • load-v4p9.php
        • plugin-update-checker.php
        • Puc
          • v4
            • Factory.php
          • v4p9
            • Autoloader.php
            • DebugBar
              • Extension.php
              • Panel.php
              • PluginExtension.php
              • PluginPanel.php
              • ThemePanel.php
            • Factory.php
            • InstalledPackage.php
            • Metadata.php
            • OAuthSignature.php
            • Plugin
              • Info.php
              • Package.php
              • Ui.php
              • Update.php
              • UpdateChecker.php
            • Scheduler.php
            • StateStore.php
            • Theme
              • Package.php
              • Update.php
              • UpdateChecker.php
            • Update.php
            • UpdateChecker.php
            • UpgraderStatus.php
            • Utils.php
            • Vcs
              • Api.php
              • BaseChecker.php
              • BitBucketApi.php
              • GitHubApi.php
              • GitLabApi.php
              • PluginUpdateChecker.php
              • Reference.php
              • ThemeUpdateChecker.php
        • vendor
          • Parsedown.php
          • ParsedownLegacy.php
          • ParsedownModern.php
          • PucReadmeParser.php
          • readme-parser.php
      • readme.txt
      • uninstall.php
      • wp-auto-poster.php
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