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WooCommerce Lottery / Raffles Pick Ticket Number Mod

WooCommerce Pick Ticket Number Mod is addon for WooCommerce Lottery plugin which enables participants to:

pick ticket number (option to randomly assign ticket numbers without number picking)

option to use alphabet partitioning for ticket numbers (A1…A100, B1…B100, etc)

lucky dip option with quantity selector

login at later stage of checkout (guest checkout)

question and answers (with option to allow only true answers or allow checkout with wrong answer but do not allow to participate in draw

website administrator can manually picking winner (when you want to use 3rd party competition drawing option like or your own random number generator)

sort tickets in tabs (when there are a lot of tickets)

My Tickets menu entry in WooCommerce My Account

CSV and Excel data export (sortable)

full Elementor support

entry lists (see demo) for lotteries

automatic relist for lotteries with option to save CSV export for previous lottery

ticket numbers can start from any number (for example first ticket number can be 300)

Listed price is one time fee for unlimited updates and support. Base WooCommerce Lottery plugin can be purchased here. Pick Ticket Number mod screenshots can be found in product gallery on this page for both frontend and backend.

  • woocommerce-lottery-pick-number
    • admin
      • class-wc-lottery-pn-admin.php
      • css
        • wc-lottery-pn-admin.css
      • emails
        • class-wc-email-lottery-instant-win-admin.php
        • class-wc-email-lottery-instant-win.php
      • index.php
      • js
        • DataTables
          • buttons.colVis.min.js
          • buttons.dataTables.min.css
          • buttons.html5.min.js
          • dataTables.buttons.min.js
          • datatables.min.css
          • datatables.min.js
          • images
            • sort_asc.png
            • sort_asc_disabled.png
            • sort_both.png
            • sort_desc.png
            • sort_desc_disabled.png
          • jszip.min.js
        • wc-lottery-pn-admin.js
      • partials
        • html-meta-box-answers.php
        • html-product-lottery-answers.php
        • html-product-lottery-instant-winners.php
    • changelog.txt
    • includes
      • class-wc-lottery-pn-activator.php
      • class-wc-lottery-pn-i18n.php
      • class-wc-lottery-pn-loader.php
      • class-wc-lottery-pn-update.php
      • class-wc-lottery-pn.php
      • elementor
        • lotteries.php
        • widgets
          • lottery_answers.php
          • lottery_pick_numbers.php
          • lucky_dip.php
          • participate_qty.php
      • index.php
      • wc-lottery-pn-functions.php
      • wc-lottery-pn-template-functions.php
    • index.php
    • languages
      • wc-lottery-pn.pot
    • public
      • class-wc-lottery-pn-public.php
      • class-wc-lottery-shortcodes-pn.php
      • css
        • jquery.alertable.css
        • wc-lottery-pn-public.css
      • index.php
      • js
        • jquery.alertable.min.js
        • wc-lottery-pn-public.js
      • partials
        • wc-lottery-pn-public-display.php
    • templates
      • emails
        • duplicate_ticket_admin.php
        • lottery_finish.php
        • lottery_instant_win_admin.php
        • lottery_instant_win_user.php
        • plain
          • duplicate_ticket_admin.php
          • lottery_instant_win_admin.php
          • lottery_instant_win_user.php
      • global
        • lottery-participate-button.php
        • lucky-dip-modal-error.php
        • lucky-dip-modal.php
      • myaccount
        • active-tickets.php
        • past-tickets.php
      • single-product
        • add-to-cart
          • answers.php
          • lottery.php
          • ticket-numbers.php
        • lottery-instant-prize-info.php
        • lucky-dip-button.php
        • tabs
          • lottery-history.php
        • tickets-numbers-tabbed.php
        • tickets-numbers.php
        • winners-elementor.php
        • winners.php
    • uninstall.php
    • wc-lottery-pn.php
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