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SB Admin Pro – A Premium Bootstrap Admin Theme

SB Admin Pro now uses Bootstrap 5!

SB Admin Pro is a premium quality, Bootstrap based admin dashboard theme built by the team at Start Bootstrap. Here’s what you get when you purchase SB Admin Pro:

Bootstrap 5 – This professional admin theme has been updated to use the new Bootstrap 5 framework!

HTML & CSS Files – This theme includes fully compiled HTML and CSS files for easy use. Since these files are fully rendered HTML and CSS, they are ready to integrate into any development environment you choose to use while building your web application.

Source Files – When purchasing at or above the Developer License tier, you also get the full source files used to create the HTML/CSS version of the theme. We use SASS/SCSS to preprocess our CSS and Pug as an HTML templating language. Using the source files along with the documentation allows more advanced users to more easily customize and extend the features and styling already incldued with the theme!

Development Environment – If you choose our Developer License, or above, we include our proprietary suite of npm scripts which run our development environment. With live reloading and realtime compiling during development, you’ll be working faster than ever!

Regular Updates – Since 2013, Start Bootstrap has been regularly updating all of our products. Part of our core mission is to keep iterating on our core products, keeping them updated and bug free. As the web changes, our themes change along with it, and you can trust Start Bootstrap to keep things looking fresh and operating smoothly!

Clean User Interface Design – Many premium admin dashboard themes can be over-designed and difficult to adapt to fit into your brand or vision. SB Admin Pro offers a clean, user tested interface that functions seamlessly out-of-the-box, which gives developers a better starting point for customization.

Email Support – When you purchase SB Admin Pro, if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for in the documentation, you can contact the product developers via email to get you with answers to your questions as soon as possible. We offer support for bug fixes and questions related to the product.

Layout Options – With a variety of dashboard layouts, page header options, static vs. fixed navigation layouts, color customization options, and RTL support, SB Admin Pro is a perfect fit for any web app front-end.

Extended Bootstrap Components – With SB Admin Pro, we take the Bootstrap framework and extend it’s design and functionality based on Bootstrap’s very own themeing and extending guidelines. We give Bootstrap a fresh new look and feel to make the theme feel unique on it’s own. We’ve also added a number of custom components and utilities to give you more options to choose from when working on your project.

Code Snippets – Our entire live preview acts as a working style reference for all of the components included within the theme. As you look through the demo, you’ll see code snippets, in both Pug and HTML, that you can easily copy and paste into your project as you work!

Detailed Documentation – SB Admin Pro’s documentation includes usage instructions, component references, and tutorials on how to get your project up and running. We also include best practices on how to build out your application using the theme’s source files.

HTML & CSS over JS​Following Bootstrap Best Practices

In the official Bootstrap documentation, Bootstrap states that they “prefer to write HTML and CSS over JavaScript” due to HTML and CSS performing faster in the browser, along with being more available and accessible to developers of all different levels of experience.

When creating SB Admin Pro, we have followed Bootstrap’s recommended approach to extending the Bootstrap framework, giving you a clean, functional, and highly extendable product that can be used by a wider range of developers or varying levels.

Integration-Ready​Use your Favorite Framework or Environment!

Whether you’re working with ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Angular, React, Vue, or any other front-end framework, SB Admin Pro is ready to integrate!

Since this is an HTML/CSS based theme, or Pug and SCSS if you’re choosing a license tier that includes source file access, it is built in a framework agnostic way within the constraints of the Bootstrap framework.

  • account-billing.html
  • account-billing.html
  • account-notifications.html
  • account-profile.html
  • account-security.html
  • alerts.html
  • animations.html
  • assets
    • demo
      • chart-area-demo.js
      • chart-bar-demo.js
      • chart-pie-demo.js
    • fonts
      • metropolis
        • Metropolis-Black.otf
        • Metropolis-BlackItalic.otf
        • Metropolis-Bold.otf
        • Metropolis-BoldItalic.otf
        • Metropolis-ExtraBold.otf
        • Metropolis-ExtraBoldItalic.otf
        • Metropolis-ExtraLight.otf
        • Metropolis-ExtraLightItalic.otf
        • Metropolis-Light.otf
        • Metropolis-LightItalic.otf
        • Metropolis-Medium.otf
        • Metropolis-MediumItalic.otf
        • Metropolis-Regular.otf
        • Metropolis-RegularItalic.otf
        • Metropolis-SemiBold.otf
        • Metropolis-SemiBoldItalic.otf
        • Metropolis-Thin.otf
        • Metropolis-ThinItalic.otf
    • img
      • backgrounds
        • bg-angles.svg
        • bg-pattern-shapes.png
        • bg-waves.svg
      • demo
        • cards
          • card-img-bottom.jpg
          • card-img-left.jpg
          • card-img-overlay.jpg
          • card-img-right.jpg
          • card-img-top.jpg
        • demo-logo.svg
        • demo-ocean-lg.jpg
        • demo-ocean-sm.jpg
        • pug.svg
        • user-placeholder.svg
      • favicon.png
      • illustrations
        • 400-error-bad-request.svg
        • 401-error-unauthorized.svg
        • 403-error-forbidden.svg
        • 404-error-with-a-cute-animal.svg
        • 404-error.svg
        • 500-internal-server-error.svg
        • 503-error-service-unavailable.svg
        • 504-error-gateway-timeout.svg
        • at-work.svg
        • browser-stats.svg
        • data-report.svg
        • problem-solving.svg
        • processing.svg
        • profiles
          • profile-1.png
          • profile-2.png
          • profile-3.png
          • profile-4.png
          • profile-5.png
          • profile-6.png
        • statistics.svg
        • team-spirit.svg
        • windows.svg
  • auth-login-basic.html
  • auth-login-social.html
  • auth-password-basic.html
  • auth-password-social.html
  • auth-register-basic.html
  • auth-register-social.html
  • avatars.html
  • background.html
  • badges.html
  • blog-management-create-post.html
  • blog-management-edit-post.html
  • blog-management-posts-admin.html
  • blog-management-posts-list.html
  • borders.html
  • buttons.html
  • cards.html
  • cdn-cgi
    • l
      • email-protection.html
    • scripts
      • 5c5dd728
        • cloudflare-static
          • email-decode.min.js
  • charts.html
  • css
    • styles.css
  • dashboard-1.html
  • dashboard-2.html
  • dashboard-3.html
  • dropdowns.html
  • error-400.html
  • error-401.html
  • error-403.html
  • error-404-1.html
  • error-404-2.html
  • error-500.html
  • error-503.html
  • error-504.html
  • forms.html
  • header-breadcrumbs.html
  • header-compact.html
  • header-light.html
  • header-overlap.html
  • header-simplified.html
  • index.html
  • invoice.html
  • js
    • datatables
      • datatables-simple-demo.js
    • litepicker.js
    • markdown.js
    • scripts.js
    • toasts.js
  • knowledge-base-article.html
  • knowledge-base-category.html
  • knowledge-base-home-1.html
  • knowledge-base-home-2.html
  • layout-boxed.html
  • layout-dark.html
  • layout-fluid.html
  • layout-rtl.html
  • layout-static.html
  • lift.html
  • modals.html
  • multi-tenant-add-users.html
  • multi-tenant-create.html
  • multi-tenant-join.html
  • multi-tenant-select.html
  • navigation.html
  • pricing.html
  • progress.html
  • shadows.html
  • starter-default.html
  • starter-minimal.html
  • step.html
  • tables.html
  • timeline.html
  • toasts.html
  • tooltips.html
  • typography.html
  • user-management-add-user.html
  • user-management-edit-user.html
  • user-management-groups-list.html
  • user-management-list.html
  • user-management-org-details.html
  • wizard.html
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