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The plugin provides the passage of Google Lighthouse tests on points:

  • Preload key requests
  • Ensure text remains visible during webfont load
  • Image elements do not have explicit width and height

Improves performance on test point:

  • Elimination of resources that block rendering


Optimize loading custom.js file

Developer mode to update your Custom JS/CSS files

Inline connect or defer loading `theme.js` file

Move to the Footer and `defer` loading theme icons file

Move to the Footer theme analytics file

Move to the Footer theme newsletter file [J3 only]

Move OSM scripts to the footer [Joomla 3] [new]

DNS-prefetch/preconnect for Google Analytics script

Optimize loading jQuery (remove/defer on head/footer) [new]

Disable Bootstrap.js option [Joomla 3] [new]

Disable Mootools.js option [Joomla 3] [new]

Disable loading Joomla messages scripts [Joomla 4] [new]

Option to defer loading Joomla core.min.js [Joomla 4] [new]


Disable loading JCE columns CSS styles

Inline include for language switcher styles [J3 only]

Inline include for theme.update styles [J3 only]

Inline loading custom.css file (less than 15 kb) into the page head

Disable loading Joomla messages scripts [Joomla 4] [new]


Adds the width and height attributes to the images (if they were specified in the element settings)

Adds the `decode=”async”` attribute for images

Auto preload for all logo images

Auto preload for boxed theme background image

Adjust the image quality using in-theme processing (jpg/webp/png)


Disable loading Font awesome [J4 only]

Clear theme fonts cache and adding `link preload` tags

Auto preload for custom fonts from the child theme (woff/woff2/ttf/eot)

For font styles, adds font-display: swap; attribute

How to use it:

Install the plugin

Open settings and apply needed options

Go to theme settings and recompile theme styles (Yootheme > Style ⇒ Recompile LESS)


Don’t use DEFER mode for the theme.js file if you use Transparent Header on your layouts!

The plugin uses modified theme classes, which can be changed to new versions. In case of problems, simply disable the plugin and to clean the theme cache.

The plugin can’t damage your original images and page layouts!

I hope this helps all the yootheme lovers.


  • revo-theme-optimizer-2-joomla-main
    • bootstrap.php
    • fields
      • disablebootstrapstyles.php
    • GDResource.php
    • index.html
    • js
      • uikit.min.js
    • revo_optimizer.php
    • revo_optimizer.xml
    • script.php
    • StyleFontLoader.php
    • ViewHelper.php
    • ViewHelper_old.php
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