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The Product Sales Report Pro plugin helps WooCommerce managers gain deep insights into the performance of their WooCommerce stores. With Product Sales Report Pro, webmasters can quickly and easily generate reports on the quantity and amount of sales of individual WooCommerce products sold over a specified date range.

Use a date range preset, or specify custom start and end dates.

Report on all products in your store, or limit the report to only include products within certain categories or only specific product IDs.

Limit the report to orders with certain statuses (e.g. Processing, Complete, or Refunded).

Customize the report sorting order (sort by Product ID, Quantity Sold, or Gross Sales).

Integrates with the Scheduled Email Reports for WooCommerce plugin to automatically send reports as email attachments on a recurring basis.

Compatible with the Frontend Reports for WooCommerce plugin to enable access to preset reports from the frontend via a shortcode or widget.

Report on product variations individually.

Optionally include products with no sales.

Report on shipping methods used (Product ID, Product Name, Quantity Sold, and Gross Sales fields only).

Limit the report to orders with a matching custom meta field (e.g. delivery date).

Change the names of fields in the report.

Change the order of the fields/columns in the report.

Include custom fields defined by WooCommerce or another plugin on a product or product variation.

Save multiple report presets to save time when generating different reports.

Export in Excel (XLSX or XLS) format.

Send the report as an email attachment.

  • hm-product-sales-report-pro
    • .gitlab-ci.yml
    • admin
      • addons
        • addons.php
        • css
          • admin.css
        • images
          • placeholder.jpg
        • license.txt
      • admin.php
    • css
      • admin
        • _forms.scss
        • _license-key.scss
        • _mixins.scss
        • _notifications.scss
        • _report-fields.scss
        • _settings-header.scss
        • _settings-panel.scss
        • _settings-window.scss
        • _tab-structure.scss
        • _tabs.scss
        • _tooltip.scss
        • _variables.scss
      • hm-product-sales-report.css
      • hm-product-sales-report.min.css
      • hm-product-sales-report.scss
    • EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater.php
    • hm-product-sales-report-pro.php
    • hm-product-sales-report.php
    • HM_Array_Export.php
    • HM_CSV_Export.php
    • HM_HTML_Enhanced_Export.php
    • HM_HTML_Export.php
    • HM_XLS_Export.php
    • images
      • ags-logo.png
      • check.svg
      • drag-and-drop.svg
      • help.svg
      • info.svg
      • question.svg
      • settings.svg
    • js
      • datatables
        • ColReorder-1.3.1
          • css
            • colReorder.bootstrap.css
            • colReorder.bootstrap.min.css
            • colReorder.dataTables.css
            • colReorder.dataTables.min.css
            • colReorder.jqueryui.css
            • colReorder.jqueryui.min.css
          • js
            • dataTables.colReorder.js
            • dataTables.colReorder.min.js
        • DataTables-1.10.11
          • css
            • dataTables.bootstrap.css
            • dataTables.bootstrap.min.css
            • dataTables.jqueryui.css
            • dataTables.jqueryui.min.css
            • jquery.dataTables.css
            • jquery.dataTables.min.css
            • jquery.dataTables_themeroller.css
          • images
            • sort_asc.png
            • sort_asc_disabled.png
            • sort_both.png
            • sort_desc.png
            • sort_desc_disabled.png
          • js
            • dataTables.bootstrap.js
            • dataTables.bootstrap.min.js
            • dataTables.jqueryui.js
            • dataTables.jqueryui.min.js
            • jquery.dataTables.js
            • jquery.dataTables.min.js
        • datatables.css
        • datatables.js
        • datatables.min.css
        • datatables.min.js
        • FixedHeader-3.1.1
          • css
            • fixedHeader.bootstrap.css
            • fixedHeader.bootstrap.min.css
            • fixedHeader.dataTables.css
            • fixedHeader.dataTables.min.css
            • fixedHeader.jqueryui.css
            • fixedHeader.jqueryui.min.css
          • js
            • dataTables.fixedHeader.js
            • dataTables.fixedHeader.min.js
        • jQuery-2.2.0
          • jquery-2.2.0.js
          • jquery-2.2.0.min.js
        • Responsive-2.0.2
          • css
            • responsive.bootstrap.css
            • responsive.bootstrap.min.css
            • responsive.dataTables.css
            • responsive.dataTables.min.css
            • responsive.jqueryui.css
            • responsive.jqueryui.min.css
          • js
            • dataTables.responsive.js
            • dataTables.responsive.min.js
            • responsive.bootstrap.js
            • responsive.bootstrap.min.js
            • responsive.jqueryui.js
            • responsive.jqueryui.min.js
        • Select-1.1.2
          • css
            • select.bootstrap.css
            • select.bootstrap.min.css
            • select.dataTables.css
            • select.dataTables.min.css
            • select.jqueryui.css
            • select.jqueryui.min.css
          • js
      • hm-product-sales-report.js
    • lib
      • PHP_XLSXWriter
        • LICENSE
        • xlsxwriter.class.php
    • license
      • mit-license.txt
      • woocommerce-license.txt
      • wp-license.txt
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