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MovieWP – Movie WordPress Theme

MovieWordpress is an impressive theme. Its flexible design and robust feature set make it adaptable for many movie sites.

Perhaps the coolest feature in MovieWP is the TMDB and IMDb importer which lets you quickly build your own movie directory.

Data imported includes images, text, and reviews. With its importing tools and modern design, MovieWP is a great choice for making a movie and tv show portal site with trailers, ratings, and videos.

Spoiler: More

Native WordPress Code

Extra powerful, sharp and diverse Native WordPress Theme with clean and tidy design.

Source Code

We don’t encrypt or hide our code. You have the freedom to integrate and change our code to make it fit your needs.

Fully Responsive

This theme looks amazing either on phone , pc, tablet and console, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Seo Optimized

If your SEO WordPress theme isn’t optimized for SEO its pages will struggle to rank well in SERPs.

Optimized Speed

The theme has been optimized, with a better speed than other movie and series themes, to leave your visitors with a good experience.


You can translate theme to any language.

One click data generator

Create your posts with a single mouse click! You will not have to worry about anything, just enter the IMDb id of the movie or the TMDb id of the tv show and the posts will be automatically created in a second.

Directors, Actors and Creatos

The pages of directors, actors and TV series creators are automatically generated! You don’t have to waste precious time, it will do the whole theme automatically.

Choose the Resolution

With the switch player module you can choose whether to display videos in various resolutions, 1080p, 360p and 4k.

Filter your movies and TV series

We’ve also introduced features like most viewed, top IMDb and random TV shows and movies.

Alphabetical search

Quickly search for your favorite movies or TV series by pressing the initial letter

Advanced AJAX Live Search

Search in movies, tv series, actors, directos and more with advanced caching technology an poster image precaching.

Bulk import movies (NEW!)

With the new plugin included in the theme, you can instantly bulk import movies from the largest online movie database.

Spoiler: Instructions

When you have activated the theme go to theme settings > reading > Blog pages show at most > 24.

Go to WordPress settings > permalinks > category base > write “genre” as category base > save changes.

Genres are automatically generated, You don’t need to create new ones!


PHP 7.2 +

MySQLi PHP Extension

PDO PHP Extension

cURL PHP Extension



Nulled thanks to @BlakenFist

Source by: ME


  • moviewp
    • 404.php
    • archive.php
    • assets
      • api
        • css
          • api-search-pagination.css
          • api-search.css
        • js
          • api-search-pagination.js
          • api-search.js
          • api.js
      • css
        • black.css
        • blue.css
        • cherry.css
        • editor.css
        • green.css
        • orange.css
        • person.css
        • pink.css
        • purple.css
        • red.css
        • report.css
        • yellow.css
      • images
        • 404.png
        • arrow.png
        • background.jpg
        • logo.png
        • noimage.jpg
        • placeholder.png
        • tv.png
      • js
        • disqus.js
        • embed.js
        • grid.js
        • lazyload.js
        • lazyload.min.js
        • modal.js
        • movie.js
        • moviewp-ajax-favorite.js
        • moviewp-favorite.js
        • moviewp-scroll.js
        • person.js
        • postviews-cache.js
        • script.min.js
        • scroll.js
        • scrollbar.min.js
        • simple-likes-public.js
        • theme-customizer.js
        • tv.js
        • vendor.js
      • sound
        • click.mp3
        • swiftly.mp3
    • category.php
    • comments.php
    • footer.php
    • functions.php
    • header.php
    • help
      • logo.psd
      • yoast-seo-import.txt
    • inc
      • moviewp-api.php
      • moviewp-comments.php
      • moviewp-customizer.php
      • moviewp-favorites.php
      • moviewp-fields.php
      • moviewp-fix.php
      • moviewp-global.php
      • moviewp-hook.php
      • moviewp-inc.php
      • moviewp-init.php
      • moviewp-like.php
      • moviewp-minifier.php
      • moviewp-plugin.php
      • moviewp-tgm.php
      • moviewp-transient.php
      • moviewp-views.php
      • moviewp-widget.php
    • index.php
    • lib
      • library
        • Exception
          • DindentException.php
          • InvalidArgumentException.php
          • RuntimeException.php
        • Indenter.php
      • tidy.php
    • license.php
    • moviewppanel
      • css
        • moviewppanel.css
      • footer.php
      • header.php
      • images
        • checkbox-rtl.png
        • checkbox.png
        • icon-comments-8.png
        • icon-delete.png
        • icon-logo.png
        • icon-nav-1.png
        • icon-nav-10.png
        • icon-nav-2.png
        • icon-nav-3.png
        • icon-nav-4.png
        • icon-nav-5.png
        • icon-nav-6.png
        • icon-nav-7.png
        • icon-nav-9.png
        • logo.png
        • radio-rtl.png
        • radio.png
        • select-arrow.png
      • js
        • moviewppanel.js
      • license-protection.php
      • page-additional.php
      • page-advertising.php
      • page-branding.php
      • page-comments.php
      • page-main.php
      • page-player.php
      • page-reset.php
      • page-socialnetworks.php
      • page-translate.php
    • page.php
    • pages
      • alphabet.php
      • contact.php
      • favorites.php
      • letter.php
      • random.php
      • top.php
    • player
      • player.php
    • readme.txt
    • screenshot.png
    • search.php
    • sidebar.php
    • single.php
    • style.css
    • taxonomy.php
    • template-parts
      • actions
        • actions-download.php
        • actions-multi.php
        • actions-person.php
        • actions-switch.php
        • actions.php
      • content
        • content-archive.php
        • content-category.php
        • content-loop.php
        • content-main.php
        • content-page.php
        • content-person.php
        • content-related.php
        • content-single.php
        • content-taxonomy.php
        • content-tv.php
      • header
        • header-full.php
        • header-nav.php
        • header-site.php
      • modules
        • modules-grid.php
        • modules-letter.php
        • modules-sortby.php
      • taxonomies
        • taxonomy-actors.php
        • taxonomy-creator.php
        • taxonomy-director.php
    • tv.php
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