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MagOne is a Responsive WordPress theme for Magazines, News & Portfolio style websites with 1-Click Installer, powerful Page Builder & incl 6 months support.

With MagOne you only purchase once and receive a beautiful modern website with multiple layouts, but you also gain access to lifetime updates at no extra cost, making this an excellent value WordPress themes for Magazine, Lifestyle, Newspaper or Portfolio style websites.

MagOne has also been designed with your content front of mind. With so many prebuilt layouts and our easy to use 1-Click install, designing your website couldn’t be easier. Flexibility and affordability combined in one easy to use web design package.

Every website demo shown is included FREE and can be quickly imported and set up with 1-Click via the Admin Tool.

Just simple drag and drop blocks to any where of page to build any layout you love. The page builder of MagOne is casual, simple and easy to work with, it’s also very light and fast. You must consider this feature because it will help the them fit to all your demands.

Everything has been thought of with MagOne to help you create the most modern design magazine or news style theme today. With features including automatic social counters to help you increase your social following to functional and expandable Mega Menus enabling you to create the structure that best suits your needs.

MagOne Main Features

A lot of article boxes: slider, ticker, carousel, grid, columns, blog roll, ….

Responsive: 100% working well with all mobile and tablet devices

Changeable Header Layout: with simple click in customizer

Page Builder: easy to use and casual. Just build any layout you want

1-Click Demo Installation: with many built-in layout and demo blocks

Mega Menu: support link groups, simple and complex category content

Ads Spots Ready: have specific places for ads to optimize your revenue

Customizer: change colors, background, fonts and other stuff easily with simple clicks. You can also upload your custom font

Widgets Ready: support many sidebars and you can also add your custom sidebar. All needed widgets were attached

Shortcode Ready: all content shortcodes were built-in, included accordions / toggle, tabs, …

Translate Ready: built translator file following standard. Also auto switch to RTL layout if your language is RTL format

Multiple Comment Systems: not only WordPress, but also Facebook and Disqus comment system. MagOne also allow auto converting every media link (images / videos) to real embedded objects / players

Outstanding Support Service: The documentation is very detail and will step you through. But if you have any problem, we are always beside you to fix any bug for you.

  • MagOne - Main Files
    • documentation.html
    • Licensing
      • GPL.txt
      • README_License.txt
    • magone
      • 404.php
      • assets
        • css
          • admin.css
          • admin.min.css
          • bbpress.css
          • bbpress.min.css
          • editor.css
          • editor.min.css
          • ie-8.css
          • ie-8.min.css
          • ie-9.css
          • ie-9.min.css
          • print.css
          • print.min.css
          • responsive.css
          • responsive.min.css
          • rtl-bbpress.css
          • rtl-bbpress.min.css
          • rtl-responsive.css
          • rtl-responsive.min.css
          • rtl-responsive.min.min.css
          • rtl.css
          • rtl.min.css
          • woocommerce-responsive.css
          • woocommerce-responsive.min.css
          • woocommerce.css
          • woocommerce.min.css
        • fonts
          • font-awesome
            • css
              • font-awesome.css
              • font-awesome.min.css
            • fonts
              • fontawesome-webfont.eot
              • fontawesome-webfont.svg
              • fontawesome-webfont.ttf
              • fontawesome-webfont.woff
              • fontawesome-webfont.woff2
              • FontAwesome.otf
        • images
          • default-thumbnail.png
          • demo-screenshot-flatone.jpg
          • demo-screenshot-magone.jpg
          • demo-screenshot-newsone.jpg
          • demo-screenshot-sahione.jpg
          • header-layout-default.png
          • header-layout-logo-mid.png
          • header-layout-logo-top.png
          • ie-share-facebook.png
          • ie-share-google-plus.png
          • ie-share-pinterest.png
          • ie-share-twiiter.png
          • sidebar-layout-default.png
          • sidebar-layout-full.png
          • sidebar-layout-left.png
          • sidebar-layout-right.png
        • js
          • bbpress.js
          • bbpress.min.js
          • lib.js
          • lib.min.js
          • login.js
          • login.min.js
          • main.js
          • main.min.js
          • owl.js
          • owl.min.js
          • woocommerce.js
          • woocommerce.min.js
      • attachment.php
      • bbpress.php
      • comments.php
      • footer-after-content-sidebar.php
      • footer-deprecated.php
      • footer-wide-sidebar.php
      • footer.php
      • functions.php
      • header-before-content-sidebar.php
      • header-layout-default.php
      • header-layout-logo-mid.php
      • header-layout-logo-top.php
      • header-main-menu.php
      • header-menu-toggle-button.php
      • header-search-toggle-button.php
      • header-social-icons.php
      • header-top-menu.php
      • header-top-page-sidebar.php
      • header-wide-sidebar.php
      • header-woocommerce.php
      • header.php
      • includes
        • ajax
          • ajax-article-box-pagination.php
          • ajax-init.php
          • ajax-mega-menu-content.php
          • ajax-related.php
          • ajax-save-comment-count.php
          • ajax-social-counter.php
          • ajax-woocommerce.php
        • defines
          • define-init.php
        • includables
          • includables-disqus-comments.php
          • includables-facebook-comments.php
          • includables-share-buttons.php
          • includables-singular-feature-images.php
          • includables-wordpress-comments.php
        • lib
          • lib-article.php
          • lib-common.php
          • lib-init.php
          • lib-next-prev.php
          • lib-related.php
        • setup
          • setup-basic.php
          • setup-customizer.php
          • setup-dashboard-google.php
          • setup-dashboard.php
          • setup-init.php
          • setup-menus.php
          • setup-page-builder.php
          • setup-post-meta-box.php
          • setup-required-plugins.php
          • setup-shortcodes.php
          • setup-user-meta-box.php
          • setup-widgets.php
          • setup-woocommerce.php
        • shortcodes
          • shortcodes-accordion.php
          • shortcodes-blogging.php
          • shortcodes-button.php
          • shortcodes-carousel.php
          • shortcodes-column.php
          • shortcodes-complex.php
          • shortcodes-contact.php
          • shortcodes-dropcap.php
          • shortcodes-grid.php
          • shortcodes-init.php
          • shortcodes-lib.php
          • shortcodes-list.php
          • shortcodes-lock.php
          • shortcodes-message.php
          • shortcodes-one.php
          • shortcodes-sidebar.php
          • shortcodes-simple-one.php
          • shortcodes-slider.php
          • shortcodes-sticky.php
          • shortcodes-tabs.php
          • shortcodes-text.php
          • shortcodes-three.php
          • shortcodes-ticker.php
          • shortcodes-two.php
        • widgets
          • widgets-blogging.php
          • widgets-branding.php
          • widgets-carousel.php
          • widgets-complex.php
          • widgets-facebook-page.php
          • widgets-feedburner-form.php
          • widgets-grid.php
          • widgets-image-quote.php
          • widgets-init.php
          • widgets-lib.php
          • widgets-list.php
          • widgets-one.php
          • widgets-recent-comments.php
          • widgets-simple-one.php
          • widgets-slider.php
          • widgets-social-counter.php
          • widgets-social-icons.php
          • widgets-sticky.php
          • widgets-three.php
          • widgets-ticker.php
          • widgets-two.php
      • index.php
      • languages
        • magone.pot
      • page.php
      • plugins
      • readme.txt
      • screenshot.png
      • searchform.php
      • sidebar.php
      • single.php
      • singular-meta-item-author.php
      • singular-meta-item-comment.php
      • singular-meta-item-date.php
      • singular-meta-item-views.php
      • style.css
      • style.min.css
      • woocommerce.php
    • magone-child
      • functions.php
      • screenshot.png
      • style.css
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