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Happy Files Pro – Organize Your WordPress Media Files

Download Happy Files Pro – Organize Your WordPress Media Files Nulled Free

Organize your entire media library via drag & drop in nestable categories. Arrange thousands of files as you would do on your computer.

Create, rename, delete, and nest your categories to your liking.

Drag and drop your files (image, audio, video, etc.) individually or in bulk into any category/sub-category or move file(s) between categories.

Reorder your media categories via drag and drop.

Instant on-the-fly refresh when navigating between categories, and when adding, renaming, and deleting categories or files.

Select any category to directly upload a file into it.

Custom context menu to create, rename and delete any media category with a one click.

Right click on any file (grid and list view) to inspect all assigned categories and click on any category to quickly navigate into it.

Assign a file to multiple categories (enable under “Settings > HappyFiles Settings > Assign multiple categories”).

HappyFiles displays a custom upload progress bar.

Sort your categories alphabetically (ascending and descending).

Support for RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

Integrates seamlessly with Gutenberg, the Classic Editor, and the most popular page builders:



Beaver Builder

Oxygen Builder



Visual Composer (WP Bakery)

  • happyfiles-pro
    • assets
      • css
        • gallery.min.css
        • happyfiles.min.css
        • settings.min.css
      • images
        • logo-white.png
        • logo.png
      • js
        • admin.min.js
        • blocks
          • gallery.asset.php
          • gallery.js
        • happyfiles.min.js
        • media-new.min.js
        • settings.min.js
      • libs
        • lightgallery
          • css
            • lightgallery.min.css
          • fonts
            • lg.svg
            • lg.ttf
            • lg.woff
          • img
            • loading.gif
            • video-play.png
            • vimeo-play.png
            • youtube-play.png
          • js
            • lg-fullscreen.min.js
            • lg-thumbnail.min.js
            • lg-zoom.min.js
            • lightgallery.min.js
    • happyfiles-pro.php
    • includes
      • actions.php
      • admin
        • settings.php
      • admin.php
      • ajax.php
      • data.php
      • helpers.php
      • import.php
      • init.php
      • integrations
        • bricks-gallery.php
      • pro
        • filesizes.php
        • plugins.php
        • quick-edit.php
        • settings.php
        • svg-sanitizer
          • data
            • AllowedAttributes.php
            • AllowedTags.php
            • AttributeInterface.php
            • TagInterface.php
            • XPath.php
          • ElementReference
            • Resolver.php
            • Subject.php
            • Usage.php
          • Exceptions
            • NestingException.php
          • Helper.php
          • Sanitizer.php
        • svg.php
      • pro.php
      • query.php
      • settings.php
      • setup.php
      • shortcode.php
      • user.php
    • languages
      • .DS_Store
      • happyfiles-ar.po
      • happyfiles-bg_BG.po
      • happyfiles-cs_CZ.po
      • happyfiles-da_DK.po
      • happyfiles-de_DE.po
      • happyfiles-el.po
      • happyfiles-es_ES.po
      • happyfiles-fr_FR.po
      • happyfiles-hr.po
      • happyfiles-id_ID.po
      • happyfiles-it_IT.po
      • happyfiles-ja.po
      • happyfiles-nl_NL.po
      • happyfiles-pt_PT.po
      • happyfiles-ru_RU.po
      • happyfiles-sv_SV.po
      • happyfiles-vi.po
      • happyfiles-zh_CN.po
      • happyfiles.pot
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