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DramaStream – WordPress Theme

DramaStream is made for those of you who want to create a website streaming drama series, tv shows, movies and anime in 1 website with a modern, fresh look, and built with various attractive features that make your website visitors comfortable.

DramaStream Features​

Responsive design

SEO optimized


Hot Update

Generate data from IMDb (OMDb API), MyDramaList, MyAnimeList

Popular Widget (optimized)

Genre Widget

New Series Widget

New Movies Widget

Ongoing Widget

AutoComplete Search

Multipart mirror feature

Night mode feature

Series list page

AZ list page

Schedule page (auto update)

Bookmark page (without login)

Download Box

color theme feature (to change the basic color)

Photon CDN (to speed up image load)

Built-in Cache (speed up web load and reduce your server load)

Integration with WP Fastest Cache plugin

Support Autoptimize plugin

Integration with SoraLink plugin

Ads space ready (Ads Management)


PHP 7.2+

Latest Ioncube loader

WordPress version required 4.9+

Changelog​2.0.8 – 3 April 2021​

Fixed: Generate info

Improvement: Built-in cache

2.0.7 – 13 March 2021​

Fixed: Setting the number of bookmarks does not appear

2.0.6 – 10 March 2021​

Added: Total Anime/Episode View Count on admin dashboard

Added: Theme Option to Load Video with or without JavaScript

Added: Template part for episode list

Added: load episode view count with ajax so the count always up-to-date even if cached

Added: Style 9

Improvement: New Series Widget and Ongoing Widget content to always up to date even if page is fully cached [Built-in Cache must be enabled]

Improvement: MyDramaList API

Improvement: Tooltip

Improvement: Multipart

Improvement: Style 1-8

Improvement: Shortcode Area

Improvement: Related Series

Improvement: Photon implementation

Improvement: Main CSS

Update: Language file

2.0.5 – 15 October 2020​

Improvement: AZ List

Improvement: Related episode

Improvement: Related Series

Improvement: Expand style

Improvement: Taxonomy list style

Improvement: Autocomplete search

Improvement: Photon

Improvement: Auto generate thumbnail

Improvement: Slider

Improvement: Built-in cache

Improvement: Theme panel

Update: Language file

2.0.4 – 2 October 2020​

Fixed: Shortcode appear not in correct place

Added: Compatibility for PHP 7.4

Added: Hot badge

Added: Sub status in episode post

Added: Sub status in episode list

Change: Comment style

Improvement: Flexibility to change meta

Improvement: Auto Complete Search

Improvement: Filter Search

Improvement: Bookmark

Improvement: Style 1-8

Improvement: Main CSS

Improvement: Performance

Updated: Language file

2.0.3 – 11 September 2020​

Improvement: Filter Search

Improvement: AZ List

Improvement: Recommended series

Improvement: Language file

Improvement: Main CSS

Improvement: Style 1-7

Added: Style 8

Added: Disable option for completed label

Added: Disable option for featured image single blog

Added: Disable option for share button

Added: Mature warning in episode post

Added: Share button in series post

Added: Shortcode area in homepage

Added: Shortcode for custom series page based on meta & taxonomy

Added: Box download for episode

2.0.2 – 3 June 2020​

Added: Sub status in episode post

Added: Completed label on the default thumbnail series

Added: Country filter in filter search (only appear on the series page)

Added: Score on the tooltip

Fixed bug: Filter type in filter search

Update: Jquery 3

Update: Font Awesome 5

Improvement: Language file

Improvement: Main CSS

2.0.1 – 15 May 2020​

Added: Dub status

Added: Tooltip delay 0.5 seconds

Fixed bug: List mode page

Fixed bug: Light mode player

Fixed bug: Download shortcode version single series

Improvement: Language file

Improvement: Main CSS

2.0.0 – 5 May 2020​

Added: 7 styles for homepage thumbnail

Added: series info tooltips

Added: meta episode title to post episode

Added: a shortcode to make a list of genres, season, studio, country

Added: style to download mode only in the single.php area

Added: warning Adult Content

Added: search filter widget in the sidebar

Added: Post tags for series info

Added: Gallery on series info

Added: First Episode and New Episode on series info

Added: Breadcrumb

Added: Episode list on single episode

Added: Recomendation series by genre on homepage

Added: Disable option for related series

Added: Disable option for sub status

Added: Blog

Added: Top Menu

Added: Announcement

Change: Anime info style

Change: the episode list style

Change: the az list style

Change: the search filter on the series page

Change: thumbnail size in single series info

Change: Remove links in series info and episode keywords

Change: Style Series info on single episode

Change: Dark mode option

Change: Popular series widget style

Change: Theme Panel

Change: list mode link

Change: Dashicons with Font Awesome

Improvement: Main CSS

Improvement: Language file

Improvement: Recommended Series (filter by genre)

Improvement: Schedule page

Improvement: Performance

Integration: Menu Icons plugin

1.2.5 – 14 February 2020​

Fixed bug: Bookmark and Weekly Trending not working properly

Fixed bug: Censor status

Fixed bug: Slug movie widget does not change

Fixed bug: Schema

1.2.4 – 3 February 2020​

Improvement: grab info (auto create featured image and category)

Improvement: Built-in cache

Fixed bug: soralink integration (now you need to install the SoraLink Client plugin)

Fixed: Google Pagespeed issue

Added: Ongoing Widget

1.2.3 – 7 November 2019​

Fixed bug: post (episode) meta data replacing series meta data

1.2.2 – 7 November 2019​

Improvement: CSS select mirror multipart

Improvement: Change slug feature

Added: 2 ways to post video embed and download link (input version and shortcode version)

1.2.1 – 5 September 2019​

Improvement to the schedule page

Optimize theme speed

1.2 – 1 September 2019​

Optimizing the theme to prevent invalid

CSS improvements

Language improvement

Language optimization

Optimization of PHP 7+ support

Improved built-in cache

Changes in social media shares

Added country filter

Added post time on homepage

Added Weekly Trending next to the slider

Added shortcodes to display certain meta

Added shortcodes to display lists with certain meta filters

1.1 – 27 July 2019​

Improvement to homepage pagination

Improvement to the built-in cache theme

Improvement to the release schedule

Added language files

Added dark mode

Added dropdown menu

Added multipart feature to video mirror

Added “change slug series” feature to change slug series

Added “single info” for info series on single post (episode)

Added IMDb grab by utilizing the OMDb API

Added shortcode player for Fembed and Cloudvideo

1.0 – 25 May 2019​

DramaStream released

  • Language
    • English
      • language.php
    • Indonesian
      • language.php
  • README.txt
  • Theme
  • Tutorial.txt
  • video-shortcode.txt
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