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Attika – E-commerce Responsive Email Template

Attika – E-Commerce Responsive Email for Fashion & Accessories

Responsive Email Template for promoting your startup and services. 11 modules in order to design the ideal newsletter for your needs. Modern, minimalistic, easy to customize, and ideal to gain new clients or customers.

Our template is compatible with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Klaviyo, HubSpot + 25 Email Service Providers. All the features of each platform are fully supported something that makes the customization of the template really easy.

If you are in search of a fashion, easy to use & professional look template this is ideal for you!


11 modules and unlimited variations

Fully Responsive Email

Compatible with Modules Composer – Online Email Builder

How to use instructions


Campaign Monitor

Constant Contact

Active Campaign









Mad mimi

















Generic HTML

Background images support for Outlook

Modules Composer – Online Email Builder

Design your Email Templates without writing a line of code. Modules Composer is one of the easiest email builders to use for email design production.

Drag & Drop modules

Customize pre‑designed modules and build a fantastic newsletter.

Google Fonts

Choose from 900+ Google Fonts and make your emails look more beautiful with great typography.

Content Management

Style or add text, links, images and background images for all email clients including Outlook.

Clean HTML

Easy to understand and change if necessary through an HTML editor.

ESP Exports

HTML/ZIP export compatible with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor + 28 more ESP’s.

Responsive Emails

Great looking email templates on desktop and mobile devices.

Retina Ready

Sharp graphics with no blurry pixels.

External Image Support

Upload your images on any server or media library and simply replace the URL’s.

Files included

Standalone HTML version

Mailchimp version

Campaign Monitor version


Gmail iOS App

Gmail Android App

Outlook iOS App

Outlook Android App

iPad (Air, Mini, Pro)

iPhone 5, 6, SE, 7, 8, X

Apple Mail

Outlook 2003

Outlook 2007

Outlook 2010

Outlook 2011

Outlook 2013

Outlook 2016

Outlook 2016 (Mac)

Mozilla Thunderbird

AOL web

Gmail web

Google Apps

Office 365


…and the majority of other web and desktop email clients that render valid HTML


Web font support in email is limited

Images used in the demo are not included in the download

(x) As seen in the demos. Due to the nature of their editors, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, and StampReady versions come with an all-in-one template that you can use to build your layout just like our demos

GANGA (“Gmail Android App for Non-Gmail Accounts”, i.e. non-Google address connected through POP/IMAP) responsive support is pending rollout, please check the update live ticker from Litmus:

Images & Icons

All of our photos & icons come from the following photography and web design sites:






  • Attika-MP
    • Changelog.txt
    • Documentation
      • css
        • animate.css
        • bootstrap-theme.css
        • bootstrap-theme.min.css
        • bootstrap.css
        • bootstrap.min.css
        • custom.css
        • prettyPhoto.css
        • stroke.css
        • style.css
      • fonts
        • font-awesome-4.3.0
          • css
            • font-awesome.css
            • font-awesome.min.css
          • fonts
            • fontawesome-webfont.eot
            • fontawesome-webfont.svg
            • fontawesome-webfont.ttf
            • fontawesome-webfont.woff
            • fontawesome-webfont.woff2
            • FontAwesome.otf
        • glyphicons-halflings-regular.eot
        • glyphicons-halflings-regular.svg
        • glyphicons-halflings-regular.ttf
        • glyphicons-halflings-regular.woff
        • lanenar_Lane.eot
        • lanenar_Lane.svg
        • lanenar_Lane.ttf
        • lanenar_Lane.woff
        • Stroke-Gap-Icons.eot
        • Stroke-Gap-Icons.svg
        • Stroke-Gap-Icons.ttf
        • Stroke-Gap-Icons.woff
      • images
        • bg-images.png
        • border-radius.png
        • buttons.png
        • color-picker.png
        • dummy.png
        • favicon.jpg
        • images.png
        • module-settings.png
        • prettyPhoto
          • dark_rounded
            • btnNext.png
            • btnPrevious.png
            • contentPattern.png
            • default_thumbnail.gif
            • loader.gif
            • sprite.png
          • dark_square
            • btnNext.png
            • btnPrevious.png
            • contentPattern.png
            • default_thumbnail.gif
            • loader.gif
            • sprite.png
          • default
            • default_thumb.png
            • loader.gif
            • sprite.png
            • sprite_next.png
            • sprite_prev.png
            • sprite_x.png
            • sprite_y.png
          • facebook
            • btnNext.png
            • btnPrevious.png
            • contentPatternBottom.png
            • contentPatternLeft.png
            • contentPatternRight.png
            • contentPatternTop.png
            • default_thumbnail.gif
            • loader.gif
            • sprite.png
          • light_rounded
            • btnNext.png
            • btnPrevious.png
            • default_thumbnail.gif
            • loader.gif
            • sprite.png
          • light_square
            • btnNext.png
            • btnPrevious.png
            • default_thumbnail.gif
            • loader.gif
            • sprite.png
        • select-modules.png
        • show-hide.png
        • style-template.png
        • text-editor.png
        • typography.png
      • index.html
      • js
        • bootstrap.js
        • bootstrap.min.js
        • custom.js
        • jquery.fitvids.js
        • jquery.min.js
        • jquery.prettyPhoto.js
        • main.js
        • retina.js
        • syntax-highlighter
          • scripts
            • shAutoloader.js
            • shBrushAppleScript.js
            • shBrushAS3.js
            • shBrushBash.js
            • shBrushColdFusion.js
            • shBrushCpp.js
            • shBrushCSharp.js
            • shBrushCss.js
            • shBrushDelphi.js
            • shBrushDiff.js
            • shBrushErlang.js
            • shBrushGroovy.js
            • shBrushJava.js
            • shBrushJavaFX.js
            • shBrushJScript.js
            • shBrushPerl.js
            • shBrushPhp.js
            • shBrushPlain.js
            • shBrushPowerShell.js
            • shBrushPython.js
            • shBrushRuby.js
            • shBrushSass.js
            • shBrushScala.js
            • shBrushSql.js
            • shBrushVb.js
            • shBrushXml.js
            • shCore.js
            • shLegacy.js
          • styles
            • shCore.css
            • shCoreDefault.css
            • shCoreDjango.css
            • shCoreEclipse.css
            • shCoreEmacs.css
            • shCoreFadeToGrey.css
            • shCoreMDUltra.css
            • shCoreMidnight.css
            • shCoreRDark.css
            • shThemeDefault.css
            • shThemeDjango.css
            • shThemeEclipse.css
            • shThemeEmacs.css
            • shThemeFadeToGrey.css
            • shThemeMDUltra.css
            • shThemeMidnight.css
            • shThemeRDark.css
        • wow.js
    • HTML
      • Attika-CampaignMonitor.html
      • Attika-HTML.html
      • Attika-Mailchimp.html
      • images
        • bag-icon.png
        • boots-icon.png
        • category-1.jpg
        • category-2.jpg
        • chunky-combat-boots.jpg
        • dress-1.jpg
        • dress-2.jpg
        • dress-icon.png
        • Facebook.png
        • header.jpg
        • hobo-bag.jpg
        • Instagram.png
        • jacket-1-2.jpg
        • jacket-1-3.jpg
        • jacket-1.jpg
        • jacket-2-2.jpg
        • jacket-2-3.jpg
        • jacket-2.jpg
        • leather-chelsea-boots.jpg
        • logo.png
        • offer-bg.jpg
        • Pinterest.png
        • platform-chelsea-boots.jpg
        • shopper-2.jpg
        • shopper.jpg
        • shoulder-bag.jpg
        • Twitter.png
    • Open-this-folder-first
      • Elements-Customers
        • ReadMe.docx
      • Themeforest-Customers
        • ReadMe.docx
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